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Spar Wars Taekwondo Tournament 2024!

Saturday, May 4, 2024 in Charlotte, NC

IJTF Halls Traditional Taekwondo Spar Wars Event

Attention JTF STUDENTS! This is your chance to compete and be recognized! Join us in Charlotte for this highly anticipated annual event. Make it a mini-vacation by booking a room and going down the night before - event starts 8:30 am Saturday morning, so this will help students be rested and feeling strong. We've secured a special group rate for the hotel, so the rooms are significantly discounted (but limited in availability). 

Complete in forms, sparring, weapons forms, breaking, & more. Trophies will be awarded!

This event is sponsored and hosted by the IJTF member school, Hall's Traditional Taekwondo.

Get all the details here and register here ...


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