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Will I "Fit in" as a New Student of Taekwondo?

JTF Taekwondo New Students

Put another way, will Taekwondo be a good "fit" for me?

While these two questions sound similar since they both consider the "fit" of you and Taekwondo together, each one asks something a bit different. The first question looks at how you will fit in to the environment along with the other

Taekwondo students. The second question of "fit" looks more at what Taekwondo offers you and whether it's something that meets your wants & needs. Both questions are common for new students! Let's look briefly at them both by first asking yet one more question...

What do you see when you think of a "Martial Arts student?"

When you think of someone who is at least somewhat experienced in Martial Arts, who do you think of? If you are an older first time student, it might still be Bruce Lee! Or maybe your mental movies are newer and include "The Matrix," "Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon," "Cobra Kai," or countless others. Do you picture Ninjas with Nun-chucks? Or a mysterious looking man in a special Kimono with a foot long fu manchu mustache! If you are a child or teen and you've never taken martial arts, your mental images may be of tough intimidating kids wearing headbands who are a bit mean like the Karate Kid's rivals. Or maybe you too, see Ninjas with Nun-chucks!

Will the "typical" Martial Arts student of today please stand up?

Drum roll.... there is no typical Martial Arts or Taekwondo student today! It's true that most martial arts are steeped in tradition and certain stereotypes remain, but part of what makes Martial Arts so popular with so many different types of students is that it offers so many different things! So there is no reason to feel the need to look like an iconic or famed martial artist of the past to fit in with others in your Taekwondo class.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” - Bruce Lee

From stroller pushing moms to golfing grandpas and everyone in between

How might you might benefit from Taekwondo?

  • Self Defense - We all need to feel safe and able to protect ourselves and others. Each one of us; women, men, young, & old should be able to defend ourselves. If you watch the news, you know that bullying is still a very serious problem. Women have always been aware of the higher rates of violence against them and would be wise to learn self defense as well, not only for themselves but also for their families.

  • Physical Health/Fitness - Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes has become a leading cause of death over the years and has become a true global pandemic. And while diet and nutrition are critically important, activity and physical fitness are too! Taekwondo is a great way to become more fit.

  • Mental Health/Fitness - It's been shown that the mental health of all of us, women, men, and particularly children, has suffered greatly since the COVID lock downs of the past couple of years. Anxiety, depression, drug abuse, and suicide is at an all time high. Childrens' electronics usage skyrocketed, which didn't help matters. Through physical activity, we release our own internal endorphins and other "feel good" chemicals which is a wonderfully natural way to improve our mood, thinking, and overall state of mind.

  • Fun & Friendship - Fun and friendship Health/Fitness, but really everything that is gained from Taekwondo positively affects your mental health.

  • Increased Focus and Better Grades in School - There are countless reports today of how kids with Autism and ADHD see improvement (sometimes great improvement) in school and in life with Martial Arts.

In Summary

Students of the martial arts are men, women, children, teens, and come from all walks of life. Some practice Taekwondo to win medals and trophies in tournaments, some want improved focus for their ADHD, some sign up to make great friendships and have fun, and many sign up to become more physically fit and learn life long self defense skills. There are just as many reasons to practice martial arts as there are martial arts practitioners. It's up to each student to determine what they need, find a solid school, and commit to it. The results are worth it.


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