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Sparring Gear - Swift Chest Guard (Kids and Juniors)
  • Sparring Gear - Swift Chest Guard (Kids and Juniors)

    Kids & Juniors (lighterweight protection by Swift):


    • Available in Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange, & Pink in sizes Child, Medium (Teen/Adult), and Extra Large (for Adults) (see size chart image)
    • Comfort grip foam chest guard. This new foam chestguard is designed and manufactured differently than the rest of the foam chestguards on the market. The design is made for maximum movement and the material is made of a softer more flexible foam which helps to mold around your body easier and much more comfortably. No more stiff gear.
    • Light weight 1/2" foam chest guard with adjustable elastic strap with hook and loop closure hugs the contours of your body.
    • Recommended for very light or no contact sparring when you just want a little protection and maximum movement and flexibility. This is typically what is ordered for kids or juniors as they don't kick/punch as hard with at much as much power. This chest guard is available in Adult sizing too, but Grandmaster Dunn recommends it only for kids, not adults or teens


    Sizing: Please check with Grandmaster Dunn to ensure you order the correct size before placing your order if you are uncertain. 

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